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    Customer service

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    Customer service management is to show the enterprise in order to establish, maintain and develop customer relationships and service the floorboard of the work, the goal is to establish and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and maximize the development and utilization of the customer.
    Customer service is a process that is at the right time and right occasions, at the right price, the right way to the right customers with suitable products and services, make customers needs are met, appropriate value for promotion activities.
    Customer service management is understanding and create customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction for the purpose of enterprise personnel, involved in the whole process of a kind of management behavior and management style. It includes marketing services, departments, services and products and services, such as almost all of the service content.
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    The core ideas

    The core concept of customer service management is the enterprise all business activities should start from meet the needs of the customers, to provide a product or service to meet customer need as the obligation, to customer satisfaction as the purpose of the enterprise management.

    Customer service quality depends on the enterprise's ability to create customer value, namely, understanding the market, ability to understand customer existing and potential demand, and import the enterprise management concept and management process. Quality management of customer service to maximize customer satisfaction, make the enterprise win in the market competition advantage, benefit.

    We , Hengshui Yihua  Food Industrial co., LTD is willing to provide high quality service for you.